Create a romantic setting by your in ground fiberglass pool

Shut your eyes, turn down the lights, put on some soft music and dive into that fabulous pool. If you feel like something is missing from this picture, take a moment to look at the surroundings. Cold hard concrete lines the perimeter of the pool and bare grass leads to all corners of the privacy fence. It’s time for an update that will add pizzazz to your romantic setting.

Fiberglass Pool Surrounds

It can be great to dream about fiberglass pool kits, especially when you have one on order. However, turning that bare back yard into a tropical paradise is also important. Warm wood planks add character and extend the home’s interior to include outdoor living space. Depending on the style of your home and your final selection of DIY pool kits Brisbane, marble or natural-looking concrete pavers may also be an option.

Romantic Touches

Scents and sounds are foremost in feeling festive and romantic. Tricking water from a small fountain can calm the nerves and potted plants placed along the pool edges send just the right touch of fresh, wholesome nature. Consider a trellis filled with honeysuckle or lavender, depending on your taste.

Every person has a different trigger in what they imagine with romance so let it run wild. Keep ornaments to a minimum and expand on the sweetness of the air, water and sun (or moonlight). Select from fiberglass pool kits Brisbane that are mentally relaxing with colours and shimmering highlights then expand on the feeling in your own personal style.


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