Three reasons to exercise outside rather than inside

Most people think that there’s not much difference exercising indoors or outdoors. However they are wrong as not only does it feel wonderful, there are at least these three main reasons and benefits to exercising outside instead of inside.

The first reason is that you burn more calories

This is because when you change your routine and exercise outside, you blast surprise your muscles with new exercises. Moreover, exercising outside leads you across varied terrains like climbing hills which burns more calories than running on a flat thread mill. Moreover, if you go running outdoors in winter, you burn more calories as you do your workout faster to generate more heat and thus burn more calories.

You end up exercising longer

Yes, this is another reason to exercise outdoors as the changing scenery and new route makes you so happy about exercising that you end up exercising longer than usual. Moreover, exercising outdoors clears your head so that you develop a more positive outlook to life.

You save money exercising outdoors

You need not pay expensive gym membership fees. You can burn the same number of calories and use most of the muscles you use in a gym while running outdoors, and swimming in an inground swimming pool. for free!

Besides these three reasons, exercising outdoors means you can exercise as and when you want. There are no timings to adhere to as you can exercise whenever you want. There is also no need of waiting for availability of machines or class schedules to follow.

Now what other reason do you need to start exercising outdoors and enjoy the fresh air while you do things like swim, cycle, walk, run, hike or just play sports with some friends instead of staying indoors?


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