What to do to tone your body– is a fibreglass pool the answer

When you think of a fibreglass swimming pool, you usually associate it with fun and enjoyment, and cooling off in hot summers. However besides all this, swimming is an exercise which uses all your body muscles and thus helps tone all the important body muscle groups. While different strokes focus on different muscles, swimming with different strokes can help you tone your body much faster than any land-based exercise!

Working against resistance builds muscles

The fundamental aspect to toning muscles is working against resistance. When you swim, your muscles have to fight against the water resistance to move forward. As water is more resistant than land and air, your muscles have to work really hard to propel you through water. This is how and why each stroke lengthens and strengthens your muscles. Its repeated movement helps you develop muscle endurance and well-toned muscles.

Strong and firm upper body

Not only do your biceps, triceps, shoulders, upper back and chest get a good workout while swimming, even your core muscles which include your hips, abs and lower back get completely used while you swim.

While your abs and lower back help maintain balance, your hips help you control your legs as they move up and down. So regular swimming tones all these muscles and your core so that you are more stable while swimming and doing everyday tasks.

Different strokes use different leg muscle groups

Obviously even your lower body muscle groups which include the glutes, hamstrings and quads too get toned by swimming. It’s just that different strokes use the muscles differently. While the freestyle stroke tones the glute, the breaststroke works the inner thighs and hamstrings while the backstroke tones the hip flexors, glutes and quadriceps. So no matter which stroke you prefer swimming with, you are assured your legs grow stronger and toned with each kick.

You now have an additional reason to head to the inground swimming pool– to get a toned body that’s the envy of the neighbourhood!


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