DIY Fibreglass Pools Kits

Have you ever considered a DIY Fibreglass Pool Kit? Many of the kits on the market today making building your own time an enjoyable task you can do on the weekend whilst saving you thousands of dollars!

There’s no doubt the number of home handymen in Australia who have now attempted DIY pool installs has recently sky rocketed. The question is why? Well, the answer seems fairly straight forward. The days are gone where a fibgrglass pool kit supplier simply drops of a pool shell and says have a nice day.

These days, fibreglass pool kits from reputable Australian dealers also come with filtration system, some suppliers even offer assistance with the install. What’s this mean for you? You no longer have an excuse to delay your pool install! You could be kicking back in your very own backyard fibreglass pool within the next couple of months if you commit.

Here’s a high level overview of what’s involved:

  1. Plan the pace where you will be installing your pool, be sure to leave plenty of space for decking/tiles and vegetation.
  2. Find a reputable supplier in your local area, don’t simply settle for the first supplier you encounter, ring around, ask for testimonials and read reviews.
  3. Organise an excavator and prepare the ground
  4. Have your pool shell delivered, placed in the ground and secured
  5. Install the filtration system.
  6. Fill with water and enjoy your very own swimming pool, which you can say you built yourself.

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