Summer in Australia  is nearly here, pool accessories are mandatory for that fun in the sun! As you know, pool floats and rafts are available in a wide variety of designs and materials. You need to consider the age of the user and the size of the pool before you choose the right pool raft or float. Below are the basic types of pool rafts and floats that can enhance your pool experience:


If you want a pool accessory that just lied flat on the pool water, this is for you. It has a pillow section that provides head support for the user. It is mainly for relaxation. It is not for paddling or any excessive movement.

Swimming Rafts in fibreglass pool
Fun in the Australian Sun

Lounge Floats. Lounge floats are built for sitting on water. You need this if you want to keep an eye on the kids or just read. These pool accessories are perfect for fibreglass pools and usually have insulated drink holders on heir arm rests. Some lounge floats allow your feet to be either out of the water or dipped in the water.

Kid Floats. These floats range from small ones (for babies or toddlers) to larger ones (for big kids or teens). They usually have elaborate designs and bright colors, often patterned after aquatic fowl or aquatic animals. Some are designed for just floating around, while others allow the kids to sit in them.

Foam Floats and Rafts.

These pool accessories are made with a soft type of foam core that is covered in vinyl. Even if they get punctured, they will still float. They are unsinkable.

Inflatable Floats and Rafts. These flotation devices have air in the middle that should be re-inflated regularly. Patch kits are available when your inflatable experiences a hole or two.


Pool noodles are foam floatation devices that are similar to pool floats without the full platform for your body.

Both adults and children can have a better pool experience with their Brisbane fibreglass pools these pool accessories. Choose wisely, so that you and your family can have a safe and fun time under the sun.


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