Top 5 Health Reasons That You Should Own A Pool


If you’re looking for the perfect exercise, in the cleanest environment, consider this:
Swimming can offer you all of the benefits of aerobics in a workout without the harsh impacts that can take place on the joints when done out of the water. From toddlers to those in advanced age, this form of workout has been embraced by the world for centuries. Even the ancient Greeks trained in water and sought reflecting pools for peace of mind. Here are the top 5 health reasons why you should invest in your own fibreglass pool.

 1. Strength and Definition
You can gain muscle strength and definition throughout your entire body just from swimming. Jogging and lifting weights only focus on pieces and parts of the body, where swimming will give you an entire overall body workout.
2. Reduce Inflammation
Some research has indicated that swimming can reduce the inflammation that can cause atherosclerosis in the heart. This inflammation reduction is just one of the many ways that swimming can help to reduce inflammation of the muscles. Swimming can help to lessen many different types of disease progressions.
3. Lower Stress and Depression
Running isn’t the only way to get that endorphin boost. Swimming can give you those same “feel good” emotions that other higher impact exercises can, but without the added stress to the joints. Swimming allows you to focus on your breathing and can be quite meditative. Imagine having access to your own pool whenever you feel like it. Quiet and relaxing. Let the water pass over you and wash your worries away.
4. Get Smart
Believe it or not, an Australian study that focused solely on children showed that kids that swim are able to jump ahead in language development, were more confident, were better at fine motor skills, and showed better physical development faster than children that don’t swim.
5. Cleaner and Healthier
Owning your own pool lets you regulate the amounts of chlorine used in your pool. Let’s face it, public pools aren’t the cleanest in the world and neither are their showers. It’s common knowledge that illnesses and fungus can develop from using public pools. That’s not to say that public pools are terribly bad for you, but they aren’t very good for you either. With your own pool, using fibreglass pools Brisbane you can not only save yourself the fees of using a public pool every month, but you can also have peace of mind about what you’re swimming in and how clean it is.


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